Towards a New Generation of Engaged Universities:
The Need to Act, Adapt and Transform

16th – 18thApril, 2024 | Kempinski Central Avenue (Formerly the Address Dubai Mall), Dubai, UAE

Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, UAE

Professor Nabil EL KADHI, President of MENA College of Management Dubai and Managing Director and Partner of ISMC (Innovative Solutions and Management Consultancy – UAE), Co-founder and vice president of and President of Future university, A trademark of FutureCitiesCouncil. EL KADHI has almost 30 years of experience in academe, and more than 15 years of experience in the management of higher education institutions with an exposure to European and Middle East and North Africa academic systems.

EL KADHI started his professional career in the early 90s; assumed positions ranging from Project Manager and Department Head to Lab Director, Master Programs Director, Dean, Provost, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Vice Chancellor and President where he remarkably contributed to institutional excellence, and several applied research and industrial projects related mainly to Data and Cloud Security and Privacy, Smart Cities and Internet of Things, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence, Secure Payment, Smart Card Use and various Cloud-based applications.

EL KADHI notably contributed to the design and revision of various curricula for both graduate and post graduate levels in France and Bahrain. Since 2006, he focused his professional activities on Institutional Strategies, Research, Program/ Curricula Development and Review, and Quality Assurance in Education. His experience encompasses leadership, administration, management, program design and development, quality assurance management, national and international accreditation, staff development, teaching, and assessment.

With 11 years of experience in GCC, EL KADHI mastered the academic particularities of the region as well as the cultural aspects impacting the higher education arena in the Gulf Region. From 2015 to mid-2019, EL KADHI as a Vice Chancellor of the University of Buraimi-Oman, has led the institution during its rebranding and internationalization processes; which allowed the institution to jump from a non-ranked university to 35th (2017) then 16th (2018) out of 55 local ranked universities

and colleges. EL KADHI built a strong governance by developing and implementing several academic and administrative policies and procedures; and succeeded program accreditation for the General Foundation Program. The university has improved to a great extent its academic environment and moved miles ahead toward internationalization, with several agreements with reputable institutions from UK and Europe. EL KADHI is also one of the External Reviewers of Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) as well as the National Commission for Academic Accreditation (NCAA) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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