Towards a New Generation of Engaged Universities:
The Need to Act, Adapt and Transform

16th – 18thApril, 2024 | Kempinski Central Avenue (Formerly the Address Dubai Mall), Dubai, UAE

Dr. Lamjed Bettaieb

Lamjed Bettaieb, the Deputy Director General at Esprit Group, brings a wealth of experience from over thirty years in education. He has been at the helm of steering the group’s educational strategy, supervising significant pedagogical reforms, including the adoption of Active Pedagogy. His emphasis on Problem and Project-Based Learning methodologies has significantly enhanced the educational journey of students. His scholarly work extends to publishing articles and a book chapter, alongside leading workshops that advance teaching techniques.

Under his leadership, Esprit has secured the EUR-ACE European accreditation and has embraced the CDIO Initiative. Lamjed’s academic qualifications comprise an Engineering diploma in Computer Science from ENSI, Tunis, and an MBA from IAE-Dauphine in Paris. He also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which informs his holistic approach to education.

With a firm belief in the transformative potential of education, Lamjed is committed to nurturing a culture of continuous growth and innovation.