Towards a New Generation of Engaged Universities:
The Need to Act, Adapt and Transform

16th – 18thApril, 2024 | Kempinski Central Avenue (Formerly the Address Dubai Mall), Dubai, UAE


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Forum Catalog

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Institutional Best Practices Presentations

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Forum Video Gallery

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Forum Photo Gallery

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Dr. Francisco Marmolejo, Lead, Global Solutions Group on Tertiary Education & Lead, Education Specialist for India, The World Bank

Keynote Address II: “Accelerating Innovation through Effective University-Industry Partnerships”
Prof. Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Surrey, UK

Keynote Address III: “Rankings as a Tool to Improve Transparency and Accountability in Global Higher Education”
Ashwin Fernandes, Regional Director – Middle East, North Africa & India, QS Intelligence Unit, UK

Keynote Address IV: “Quality Assured: How UK Universities and Colleges Deliver Employable Graduates”
Douglas Blackstock, Chief Executive, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), UK

Keynote Address V: “Quality 4.0 – The Magic Cure for the unrelenting Disruptive Effect Caused by the Digital Revolution”
Prof. Mohamed Zairi, Executive Chairman, The European Centre for Best Practice Management (ECBPM), UK

Keynote Address VI: “A Roadmap for Student Success”
Dr. Stephanie A. Gordon, Vice President for Professional Development, NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, USA

Keynote Address VII: “Developing a Sector Wide Approach to Employability”
Doug Cole, Head of Student Success, Higher Education Academy, UK[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=\”Panel Discussions Presentations\” tab_id=\”1511625929999-8df4d4d8-04a1\”][vc_column_text]Panel Discussion I: “Making Industry- University Partnerships Work: Lessons Learned from Successful Collaborations”
Chair: Prof. Yousef Al-Assaf, President, Rochester Institute of Technology-Dubai, UAE

Panel Members:
1. Dr. Abdullatif M. AlShamsi, Vice Chancellor, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE
2. Ms. Sally Jeffery, Global Education & Skills Practice Leader, PWC, UAE
3. Dr. Yehya Al-Marzouqi, Executive Director, UAE Capability Development Special Projects, Tawazun, UAE
4. Dr. Tod A. Laursen, President, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR), UAE


Panel Discussion II: “Improving Students’ Employability: Opportunities and Challenges in an Ever Changing Landscape“
Chair: Prof. Jan Sadlak, President, IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, France

Panel Members:
1. Prof. Riyad Y Hamzah, President, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
2. Dr. Karim Seghir, Chancellor, Ajman University, UAE
3. Prof. Muhammadou M.O. Kah, Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost & Professor of Information Technology & Computing, American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria
4. Prof. Ali Hamie, Assistant to the President for Quality Assurance & Dean, College of Engineering, Arts, Sciences & Technology University (AUL), Lebanon


Panel Discussion III: “The Relation between Research & Innovation and Industry: Creating Impact“
Chair: Prof. Ghassan Aouad, President, Applied Science University, Bahrain

Panel Members:
1. Prof. Amr Adly, Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research, Cairo University, Egypt
2. Prof. Barry Winn, Vice-Chancellor, Sohar University, Oman
3. Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
4. Dr. Malak Al-Nory, Provost, Effat University, KSA[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=\”Focus Group Presentations\” tab_id=\”1511626047670-e0700d05-efd1\”][vc_column_text]Focus Group 1: Improving Graduates’ Employability: Strategies and the Way Forward
Moderator: Dr. Larry Johnson, President and CEO, EdFutures, Inc and Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Education, USA
Co-moderator: Prof. Ali Hamie, Assistant to the President for Quality Assurance & Dean, College of Engineering, Arts, Sciences & Technology University (AUL), Lebanon

Focus Group 2: University-Government Partnerships: Why do they Matter?
Moderator: Prof. Amr Adly, Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research, Cairo University, Egypt
Co-moderator: Doug Cole, Head of Student Success, Higher Education Academy, UK

Focus Group 3: Innovation and Technology Transfer: from University to Industry
Moderator: Dr. Joel Armando, Sr. Educational Consultant, International Consulting Services, Blackboard Inc.
Co-moderator: Hanny Alshazly, Senior Regional Director, Blackboard Inc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]