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Abstract Mohamed

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Abstract Title:
Quality 4.0 – The Magic Cure for the unrelenting Disruptive Effect Caused by the Digital Revolution
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We live in an era where technology has pervaded our life, starting far back in the 18th Century when mechanization disrupted ordinary life, in rural settings with water and steam as the primary source of energy. This was followed by the 2nd Industrial Revolution of mass production and more sophisticated methods with electricity as the primary and preferred source of energy. During the 20th Century, the IT Revolution brought in further disruption to the work environment and introduced automation to drive quality, productivity and increase competitiveness. The net effect of the 3rd Industrial Revolution which is still impacting today was extraordinary to say the least. Computers pervaded beyond manufacturing and disruptive working environments in the Government Sector in Healthcare, Education and in the provision of Public Services.

Now entered the 4th Industrial Revolution which brought with it more significant disruptive power, creating cyber hyper-connected networks of relationships and partnerships and is re-defining the work environment, the way enterprises function and more important the way we live. Smart devices, mobile technology and connectivity is making the world more harmonious, creating unprecedented possibilities and making the future of possibilities almost limitless.

Industry 4.0 as a 21st century revolution has however created challenging issues for the Quality Profession and particularly how we assess quality, how we ensure consistency, predictability and durability of our standards and how we compete with it in every field. With hyper-connectivity, the delivery of value is changing significantly as collaboration is becoming the norm. Customers and Consumers are also wanting to be proactively engaged and will become more and more involved through co-creative approaches in determining their needs and expectations and personalizing their requirements. With everything that we need in our lives becoming ‘commoditized’ the emphasis is more and more shifting towards the provision of ‘unique experiences’ instead. All of these disruptive developments require a fresh approach that is compatible with the philosophy of Industry 4.0.

Quality 4.0 is presented as an emerging philosophy which supports a new meaning and relevant requirements for quality and value totally compatible with a digital enterprise, with a redefined approach to value creation, with a customer centricity orientation that is based more on proactive engagement and collaboration and with commoditization becoming a fact thus requiring enterprises to constantly transform themselves and use innovation for that purpose and not just for the purpose of product/service enhancement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][button icon=\”icon-left-big\” background=\”#941c1f\” url=\”\”]Go Back[/button][/vc_column][/vc_row]