Towards a New Generation of Engaged Universities:
The Need to Act, Adapt and Transform

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The Association of Arab Universities is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1969. The Association maintains close relations with many national, regional and international institutions and organizations. Currently AArU has 300 Arab member Universities and its permanent headquarters is in Amman, Jordan.

AArU has many goals, mainly to enhance cooperation amongst Arab universities and to promote joint research projects, to support mutual student activities, to promote student and staff mobility, and to promote quality assurance and accreditation.

AArU has affiliated institutions that are hosted by various member universities. These institutions are: The Arab Council for Training of Arab Students; The Arab Council for Higher Studies and Scientific Research; The Arab Council for Students Activities; The Council of Quality Assurance and Accreditation; the Arab Council for Governance; The Center for Depositing University Theses; Fund of Supporting Palestinian Universities; The Arab Periodicals Centre; Fund of Scientific Research and 22 Societies of Counterpart Faculties at Arab Universities.
AArU has built many relations with universities around the globe through organizing conferences and events with universities in Europe, ASEAN countries, Turkey and China as well as through involvement in many EU projects.

NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession. The Association serves a full range of professionals who provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success in concert with the mission of their colleges and universities. Established in 1918 and founded in 1919, NASPA is comprised of over 15,000 members in all 50 states, 30 countries, and 3 U.S. Territories.

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Founded in 2002, Turning Technologies began with a commitment to education that is driven by our belief in the pedagogical benefits of response technology. Our products have proven to enhance effective instructional methods by providing presenters with the tools to assess understanding, report participant progress indicators and view measurable gains in retention and learning. Today, Turning Technologies is the leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection solutions with more than 20 million Response Card keypads being used in over 100 countries.

We are company established 20 years ago, named Intaglio Security Printing. We provide solution to protect your brand and to any counterfeiting action. We are specialized and producing total solution for all kinds of security documents such as visa, label stamps, passport, bank cheques, certificates, and all kinds of security documents. We also supply special security paper for all kinds of documents.

Intaglio Security Printing develops an end-to-end design and security printing concepts, counterfeiting analyses, and recommend product protection measures for brands, providing security printing for universities, colleges and government sectors.

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eLearning Industry is a network-based media and publishing company founded in 2012. It is the largest online community of elearning professionals in the industry, and was created first and foremost as a knowledge-sharing platform to help elearning professionals and instructional designers connect in a safe online community where they can stay up to date with the latest industry news and technologies, and find projects or jobs.

The Accreditation in Education Publishing House is implementing the international project Higher Education Discovery (HED) which aims to develop a comprehensive global communication platform. As part of the project, Accreditation in Education publishes the information and analytical journal HED and has created the online community for higher education professionals HED Club. Here you can find the latest news on international exhibitions and conferences, seminars and courses, sponsor and partner search information. Welcome! Read online: E-Mail:


Since its inception in 2000, C&K Management Limited’s solutions helped corporate, public and academic organizations create professional development road maps for their learning and development departments. We developed approximately 10000+ hours of e-Learning courseware and over 6000+ hours of classroom materials besides custom content for the web and print media. C&K Management has been serving the client’s needs in almost all industry verticals like Education, Banking and Financial Services, Information Technology, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare.

C&K develops e-learning courses and deploys training across all the major training areas that include HR, Induction, Product, Process, Public Policy, Sales, Quality, Business & Management Development, Leadership, Domain Knowledge and Skills Development.

We have a clear view of the vast variety of e-learning solutions possible and the potential benefits it offers your organization while we realize that e-Learning is not a single, one-size-fits-all solution to every problem that besets training. Along with the time tested ID methodologies, creative and innovative methods such as:

Guided Discovery Learning
Game-Based Learning
Video/Audio-enhanced learning
Scenario-Based Learning
Instructor-Led Training
Blended learning
Mobile learning