Towards a New Generation of Engaged Universities:
The Need to Act, Adapt and Transform

16th – 18thApril, 2024 | Kempinski Central Avenue (Formerly the Address Dubai Mall), Dubai, UAE

Dr. Abdalla Hazaimeh

Dedicated, resourceful, and innovative leader who strives to help college administrators, community leaders, and colleagues in facilitating employees’ and students’ learning goals and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Over 31 years of experience in higher education as an educator and
innovative leader. Earned my PhD in mathematical physics 1993 and worked as an assistant professor to reaching a Dean in the US before moving to Qatar 10 years ago.

As a Dean of the Community College of Qatar I was the chief executive officer responsible for supporting the mission and strategic plan of the College and for providing academic leadership in teaching and scholarly activities. I lead the efforts in developing bachelor’s degrees and transitioning the college in having dual purpose of degree offering; bachelor’s and associate degrees to meet the country and industry needs.

Currently employed by Advisor role in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar as a lead expert in relicensing and quality assurance evaluation to higher education institutions by developing criteria, lead and form teams for the purpose of evaluation of self-study, setup site visits and write final report. Serve on committees and task forces formed by the minister on matters related to higher education (ex. Degree attestation national committee, quality assurance national committee, policies and national strategies committee, etc…), responsible for the development of a national data base on higher education for the state of Qatar. Work with the National Committee for Qualifications and Academic Accreditation as an expert and a member of the department. My current professional interests are working as an expert on quality assurance and accreditation standards and procedures development and implementation.